importing multi page PDF into email.

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Hello, I see tons of the same question on importing a multiple page newsletter into an email with no answers.  Is this impossible?  Thanks 

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Hi @LarryH3052. This depends on how you are planning on including the PDF into your campaign. If you wish to show all pages as images, our PDF importer will convert the first page of the PDF into an image. Any other pages will need to be converted outside of the program and there are websites that can do this for you. We advise against these kinds of campaigns because image only emails can be picked up by spam filters. If you wish to include a link to the PDF with no additional images, you can use the PDF importer and we automatically include a button that links to the PDF


You mentioned that we did not provide answers to similar questions. Do you have examples of these posts so we can make sure they are accurate?


Caitlin M.
Community Manager