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insanely slow


insanely slow

Have been working on my email for tomorrow - so slow the site....I checked my internet speed and its fine....but website terrible.

Hi @SherryV7,


I'm sorry you experienced such slowness. Are you experiencing this only when editing the email, or after performing any other specific action (i.e. adding contacts, or copying an email)? Are you still experiencing slowness? If so, can you please try a couple of things to see if they help:  


- Do you have another browser to test? Did using a different browser help?
- Can you try optimizing your browser, then closing all browser windows and re-opening?


Thank you!

Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager
Occasional Participant

Your site has always been slow. Everywhere. Pretty annoying.

Hello @RussS78


I am sorry to hear that you are seeing slowness in your account.  When you say that your account is slow, do you see the spinning wheel like the page is loading for a long time or when you are navigating through pages (like scrolling) is it taking a while to respond?  Have you tried optimizing your browser at all?  This may help to ensure that some of the settings that are needed for our website are allowed within your browser.  


If you are still having difficulty, could you test a different browser (if you have one) to see if the performance is better, worse, or the same?