it isn't working


it isn't working

i've had two people join my list since "activating" and the emails were never sent.

Hello @davidw4333


I took a look at your account and the list associated with your Autoresponder Series Campaign.  It looks like since the campaign was last saved all new contacts to that list have received the series (there are a total of 4).  If you would like the campaign to go to the existing contacts within the list you can remove them from the list and then add them back to the list.  To remove the contacts from the list you can select them and then choose the option to manage lists, and then remove from lists.  In the new window you can choose the list that triggers the Autoresponder Series.  Before removing the contacts make sure to either tag them or have a file back up to be able to add them back to the list to trigger the email to send. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions about this.