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link to vimeo

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link to vimeo

i posted the following link to an email to video using the insert video link.  The link pulled in the appropriate image and tested as ok.  However, once it was sent out it did not work and I checked it and it was noted as follows:  https://vimeo.com/422939663%20


the first time I assumed I did something wrong...but then it happended yet again.  the link did pull in the correct image so it was correct at some point.


how could this have happened?


Marian Coles

United Methodist Foundation of Michigan


Hello @MarianC22 ,


Based on the link you provided, it looks like there was a space left on the end of the URL inserted into the video block (as seen by the %20 bit of coding). While most browsers will automatically override erroneous spaces on the ends of URLs, some browsers, apps, etc. don't. 

The test link button while setting up the block, as well as the thumbnail generator, may have been able to pull information because of this - but when sent out and combined with our tracking link it can be missed by browsers' override setups. Typically this can be caught in test emails, did it seemingly work when you sent a test email to yourself as well?


I've gotten your case sent to the engineers for review, to see if we can develop a way to catch these sorts of errors automatically within the editor, but as of now, the only thing we can recommend is doing test sends / making sure the links being pasted in don't have any spaces on the ends of them (typically seen as %20 when loaded in the address bar).

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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