i wanted to post a flyer via linkedin to cover more ground than my contact list. the window before i allow access to Linkedin to ConsCont it says you want the ability to make posts to mine and my companies website's. how do you think i'm going to let a third party post on my professional page without my direct interaction?


Hi @KyleM4503,


We appreciate your inquiry for more information about this. Since Constant Contact is actually delivering your content for you, we need permission to access your social media account on your behalf. Constant Contact will access your account only to publish the email campaign that you select. Although the word "manage" is used, Constant Contact will not be managing your page. You're just giving us permission to publish the posts you create with Constant Contact. This security feature ensures that you know and are comfortable with us accessing your social media account. Constant Contact will never create posts - only you can do that. I hope this helps clarify the permission requirement.


Nichelle M
Community & Social Media Support

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