looking for a golf tournament template


looking for a golf tournament template

Please let me know if you have any suggestions - looking fo a page to model that has online sponsorships and registration options.

Hello @BonnieL366


If you are looking to set up an Event Registration Campaign, there are two built in golf templates available for you to use.  When you get to the last step in creating your Event (Registration) you can edit the logo and design.  In the drop down you can select sports and the 2 golf templates are all the way on the right hand side. You can also create a custom theme with different colors that match the tournament and add in a header image of your choosing. 



That is not what she was looking for. She wanted a template that would help with setting up registration for groups and sponsorships, not just the background pictues and colors.

Hello @NydiaM9


Thank you for posting! Our templates do not contain pre-formatted registration forms for events. We only provide the color scheme for the events in our templates. I will definitely relay your observation as a feature request and maybe we can provide that option in the future. 

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