no response from development team


no response from development team

I have been waiting one week for a registration template to be designed, which my sales person Scott Schacter said would take one day. I have made numerous followup calls and emails but have not heard anything back. I am going to ask for a refund if I don't get a phone call today. I've been promised all these wonderful things and nothing has been delivered!!!
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May I ask how much they charged you ?


Hi Victoria,


I took a look at this and someone will be calling you shortly.


I apologize for any inconvenience.

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Several problems: 1. Our event is listed as "draft" even though it is published and live. 2. The email invitation we sent out for this event has now come up as its own "campaign" but when we try and click on it we just get an error saying it can not be retrieved. 3. the short url that the system generated is now not working, which is a big problem, as this is the url that we promoted through our newsletter, invitations, twitter, etc. We contacted Constant Contact twice yesterday, and have still not heard back from the technical team. Our event is a big high-level event at the Global Climate Change Conference taking place right now in Peru. This is causing problems. Please can this be resolved most urgently? Thank you, Jennifer

Hello @UN-REDD1 , 


I took a look at your account for the case that you have open and see that there was a reply to that case early this morning.  Typically responses to with our second level of support are answered within 1 business day.  I did see the question about redirecting a link from one of your sent emails, this is not something that we have the ability to do.  I know that this situation is frustrating and I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.  You will still be getting an update from our second level of support; however at this time there is no update on the system issue that you are running into and no ETA for when it will be fully resolved.  


If you have any further questions about this issue, our second level of support will be the best people to connect with.  If you respond to the original email that you received all of your emails will be tracked under the correct case, so the information is kept together.  

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Still can not access event and it has now been two days. Our event is on Monday. This is really not acceptable.