non-existent emails that exist and suspension

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non-existent emails that exist and suspension

This is not a new subject, but I think the answers have been elusive at best.   We have active emails in good standing that work perfectly fine, but eventually, get suspended by CC marked as non-existent.   I've checked the suspensions and a great many exist.   I'm told that I can unsuspend them by sending the names to customer support.   One of them is my email address and as the administrator, I explained to customer support that something was wrong.   I explained that I preview and send to my email multiple times before sending a campaign and have no problems, and only upon a campaign send does it get bounced.    I was told because CC uses two different IP addresses for the preview and send, ergo the difference.   My response is that one server from CC validates that my email is fine during the preview, and the more important server...the campaign send server, is being blocked.   That's not my problem, it's yours.   What is causing your sending campaign servers to get blocked?   That is the million dollar question.   I've tested some suspended emails through  and there is no block on their service.


The solution offered by CC is to contact your provider and unblock CC's IP address.   I'm not sure if CC uses dynamic or static IPs, but the whole notion seems ludicrous since I'd need to get the IP in question and then contact my provider which will be hours of customer support calls.   This is not a solution for our customers since providers only work with customers who own the email account, and it doesn't seem like a permanent solution.  We've used CC for 5 years, and I personally have not experienced this issue until lately.   I've removed blocked emails in the past and now feel like a fool that I didn't dig deeper.   I'm sure your overall deliverability rate stays high after you suspend all the bounced but good emails, but why not address the issues with your IPs and take a hit to your deliverability percentages in the meantime.   We're taking a hit to our business in lost ticket revenues because our customers don't get our email notices.


Hello @StephenS32,


Thank you for bringing your concerns about this to us. I have gotten in touch with our Deliverability specialists and they will reach out to you directly to discuss this further. 


We appreciate your patience in the meantime and would be more than happy to help with anything else that you have questions about.

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