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photo editor

What's the trick for being able to use the Photo Editor? On several and separate occasions, I have tried to edit photos. I hit the Edit button and I get caught in the non-stop cycle mode. Has anyone else had this problem? What am I doing wrong?

Hello @janellepaacerflooring.comj , 


Thank you for letting us know of your troubles with the Photo Editor.  I am able to get the editor to load on my computer, so I wanted to ask some specifics about how you are accessing Constant Contact so that we can investigate further. Can you please respond to this post with the answers to the following questions, so that we can better assist you:

- What browser/version are you using?
- Do you have another browser to test? Did using a different browser help?
- Can you try optimizing your browser, then closing all browser windows and re-opening?
- If possible can you get a screenshot of what you are seeing when you try to load the editor?



I get error message: Your changes cannot be saved. Error: unexpected close tag found while trying to update block. Please check your HTML for tags that are invalid or are not closed properly. HELP!

Hi @JimC752

Thanks for posting, I am sorry to hear this is happening. Did you import this image from Facebook or Instagram by any chance? If so, its likely that there's an emoji in the image description. If this is the case you'll just need to delete the emoji before inserting.


If you didn't import the image and there's not an emoji, can you let me know which image you are working with so I can take a look?



Hannah M.
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I receive this message when I'm trying to make any type of change in my Weekly Email. This has never occurred before.


I cannot change text, pictures, or colors. I can delete a block and upload images and very little else. 

Please help. I pay for this subscription and now I cannot use it.

HI @MicheleS180

I am sorry to hear this is happening but we're happy to help. Can you help with some details?


- What is the name of the email you are working on?

- What is the action you are trying to take when you get the error? Are you pasting, inserting an image...something else?




Hannah M.
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Hello, I am trying to create a new email and my images were not loading from my library. It just said "loading..." Thanks, Susan

Hi @SusanR681


I'm sorry to hear that was happening. What browser were you using when the images would not load? Is it still occurring? I've attempted to recreate the issue but thus far haven't been successful in doing so. I would suggest trying a different browser or your current browser in safe mode to see if the images will then load. Please let us know what happens, thank you!

Natalie B.
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This really shouldn't be that difficult.

Hello @LydiaB42


I am sorry to hear of your experience with our product. I took a look at your account and noticed that you reached out to our support team after posting within the Community. I hope that they were able to assist you with this issue.  If not, here are a couple of resources that should help:


If you are still having issues with your images, please let us know.  

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This is happening to me as well.  What is the solution, please! 

Hi @LeighS934 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Because this thread is based on our previous image editor, we would like to clarify the experience you too are having. Are you receiving any error messages? Is your page stuck on a loading screen? Are you editing the image under your Library or through your email editor? What browser are you working in? Are you having this same experience in any other browser?

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