pictures that are not accessible still go against my storage quota??


Hi @MonteH31 - Any image uploaded to your Library will count towards your storage. Can I ask for more on what you mean about pictures that are not accessible? Every image in that's been uploaded to the Library should be accessible, so I'm not clear on what the inaccessible behavior is but I'm more than happy to take a look.

Sure, scroll down on the left of an email and not all of the pictures are accessible.  Eventually you reach the end of the pictures in the sidebar before you get to the end of the pictures.


It is even worse on the image library page, you have to click and click and click Show More, but eventually it craps out before getting to the end of your library.


It is also switches from All Images to Recently Added on its own without warning.  


The image management interface is generally clunky and frustrating and it is easier to upload the pictures again than try to search for them.


So, yes, they are counting against the quota, despite there being no way to actually access them.


Is that clearer?

Thank you for taking the time to provide those extra details. That was helpful. 


I see what you mean. It looks like in the image library is maxing out at 500 images when scrolling through them. I think part of the reason of this for the performance of the page. Though, I agree the Library page could be improved when it comes to managing images in bulk. 


To scroll through all of your images, I believe you should be able to do that within an email in the insert image interface. That interface is accessed by either double clicking on an existing image/image placeholder or single clicking and choosing Change/Replace. It opens the images in an overlay and will allow you to scroll through the images. You also might find it useful to sort the images A > Z or Z > A if you know vaguely what the image name is but not exact enough that search is useful. 


I'm personally a fan of creating/using folders for images if you find that you have a lot of pictures that fall into certain "types" of categories. As an example, being able to go to your folder for poultry and being able to easily browse all of the photos you have already uploaded for that category and being able to find the perfect one. It would probably take too much time to set up folders for all of your existing photos now, but perhaps something you'd find useful in the future. I don't say that to deflect from any criticism of the current interface. Ideally, you'd be able to scroll through all of your images in the Library tab and sort/move/manage them in bulk as you see fit, but we just haven't revamped that page yet to make that easier.


I wasn't able to reproduce the Library switching to "Recently Added" randomly, but it does switch to Recently Added after you complete an image upload. So if you're noticing that behavior after an upload that could be why.


Hopefully the Insert Image overlay within the email editor meets your needs, but feel free to reach out if you have issues with it.

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