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posting in community

For some reason, recently, when I try to post to the community, every message is being rejected due to "html content"--but I have used not code. I get a message: Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied."

What is going on? The only change I see when the program tells me it has removed the HTML, is at the bottom of the message there is this an x followed by an x in parentheses. I presume that is supposed to reference the removed html code but there really is nothing there that I can see. And like in the interface, I can't look at the source code to guess what your bot may be seeing and rejecting.


In a twitter DM I was advised to switch browsers. I don't know if that is just a stock answer or if they really "broke" something in forms capability in FF89. Anyone else have this problem? I'm now trying to post from Chrome.


Hello @JulieL34,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! It looks like posting was able to be achieved from a different browser. You may need to clear your cache and cookies in the past browser or continue to post from this one. This could also be caused by copying and pasting questions into the Community post. 

Zoe H.
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If anyone else is having this problem, I have the solution now (without having to change browsers).

After you click reply to post your comment (or rather after you try to) you will get a message that says:

Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied.


More than likely you all, like me, have not added any invalid html but it has been added by Constant Contact's programming. The solution is to click to the html view in your comment field. You will see a bunch of <div> and <span> codes. at the end. Delete all that code that Constant Contact's programming added for you and then the comment will post.


Oh, and by the way, "solution" notwithstanding, I do not consider changing browsers in order to post a comment here a satisfactory solution. Ridiculous. I think most users will agree.


Hi @JulieL34 ,


Thanks for the follow up. This does seem like something isn't working right. We'd like to do some more testing on our end, do you happen to remember if your reply contained any text that was copy/pasted into it? For example, text copied elsewhere in the thread to include in your reply. My initial thought is that our text box where you type your reply is also bringing over the code for all of the formatting for pasted text and part of the formatting is triggers some sort of content filter we should look in to.

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Hi @Kyle_R,

I don't think I cut and pasted anything in any of the messages where this happened. If I ever did, it would be from sublime text, never from Word. It did seem like it was fixed for a while, I believer there were a couple days when I commented in here that I didn't have to edit the html code but mostly it happens every time. In fact, if this one I'm writing does it, I'll post the code in here and see if I can send it to you by putting it inside of quote marks. Obviously idk if that will be possible, but maybe you can replicate it on your end. I think it has ONLY happened using firefox, which is why they told me to switch browsers. That's fine for a test but it's no long term solution.


ok, it did cause the problem. I'm going to see if I can provide you the code:

<div class="ir-ext-dimensions"><span class="ir-ext-rendered">x </span><span class="ir-ext-natural">(x) </span></div>
<div class="ir-ext-filesize">&nbsp;</div>

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It looks like I was able to provide it to you, so I'm hopeful this will help you solve it.

It happened again. Same code. I went back to HTML view and deleted it again in this message.