problems with "non-existent" listings


problems with "non-existent" listings

Hi, I was going over the list of emails that bounced back and do not understand why two of these emails are listed as Non-existent. They are both clients of our other business and receive emails through our Demand Force email program. I have tested the emails in my personal email as well. They have requested to be on our list, but the emails are bouncing back. Thanks for any help in advance.
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Re: problems with "non-existent" listings

@RozO4 I'm sorry you have valid contacts bouncing as non-existent. When Constant Contact sends an email, we rely on your contact's email client to let us know if they recieved the email or not. If they don't, your contact's email client will send us the reason why. If you are seeing these contacts bouncing as non-existent, it is because their email client is either telling us they are non-existent or they are sending the wrong bounce report. Luckily, this can usually be solved by having that company whitelist us in their security program. You can direct them to this guide that includes the different email addresses they would need to whitelist;

ISP or Spam filter Whitelisting

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