questions re: billing amount and current plan


questions re: billing amount and current plan

Hello! I am very confused by my billing history. Last March I resubscribed to your 500-2500 plan for 6 months. My account will be depleted next month upon completion of the 6 months. However, why hasn't my $168 been spread across the entire 6-month period? My account shows that there is only $12 left? I also am curious to know why I was charged $28 in March but then $32 each month since then. Lastly, when I log into my account, it shows my current plan is 0-500 contacts. Why did that change? Thank you, Nellie Nellie Miller Director of Marketing Rockford University

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Thank you for posting! I apologize for any confusion your Billing has caused. We ask that you call and speak to one of our Billing Representatives for your security.We would be happy to assist in getting you the answers to your concerns. You can reach our Billing Department at: 1-855-229-5506 Monday-Friday 7AM- 9PM EST



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