"Forward" Button In body of email?

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"Forward" Button In body of email?

I see a lot of people have asked this before - seeing if there is any update. Is there a way to include a "FORWARD" button in the body of an email? Whether "forward to a friend" or not I don't care. I want forwarding to be suggested in the email strongly and to be an easy action for my viewers. 


Thank you. 


Hello @FirstNameL66276 ,


This is a feature request our engineers are looking into, so I can make sure to get your case and information submitted to them for an update notification. You can always suggest that your contacts forward the emails to friends, but this does run the risk of a couple things outside of our control:


1) the email client rearranging the email's coding, causing display issues

2) If one of the forwardees clicks the coded SafeUnsubscribe link, it can result in the forwarding contact becoming unsubscribed


While these aren't guaranteed issues, they are elements to keep in mind. For the time being, I'd recommend you encourage the forwardees to sign up for your newsletters, or have your forwarding contacts convince them to sign up for direct mailings.

William D
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Just spent quite a bit of time going through the steps on the "Email Features" of "My Settings" to set up the "Forward to a Friend" option and then creating an e-mail to test this on because it wasn't clear from the "Email Features" how that would work. After it didn't show as an option on the e-mail I've now tried to search here for answers.


Is this feature not really available or am I missing a step on the "Email Features" setup?

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It is really NOT available!! Likely removed from CCs platform because they do not want us to be able to forward our emails on w/o growing our list. The larger our contact list is, the more money we have to give them. So they do not want to encourage any of their users to share contact without growing their list (because they don't get any money for that!). 


The Forward to a Friend set up IS still in setting thought, it is archaic and not an option when you are building an email, so clearly they have intentionally removed this feature and all their "we are working on it" responses on here are in fact, totally false. 


Sorry :frown: this issue also pains me.

Thank you for the reply!


My first thought to your reply was that activating the "Forward to a Friend" function would help build CC's revenue because when I "set-up" the option (that does not really work) it included having the recipient of the forward then sign-up for other mailings which would be a win-win of larger mailing lists for us and a larger list to bill for CC.


Further thought and you may have a point though that some CC users would somehow use it as a work around to e-mail additional addresses without charges. For me, that would be too much of a hassle and I actually want to grow my list.


As far as costs, CC is not the cheapest out there anyway, but for now it fits my needs. I guess if a mailing list became too large with CC, it would be easy to shop it so I'd rather have this function available, build my list, and deal with costs later. It's more valuable at this time to have clients helping build my list with other potential clients. After all, word-of-mouth is the best marketing and it would help build my list with people who are more likely to actually want to be on my list.

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Yeah, and mail services like Mail Chimp do offer this, because I think it is a huge way to grow our lists... but Oh Well! I agree for now CC has what I need! For our business we needed managers to be able to forward info to their employees, so we created a PDF that was linked with a button, and this PDF has a link to sign up for your own mailing list... sort of our current work around? Thinking of making a web page/site to house some of the info with a sign up page for this particular program. But these solutions may not work for your business.

Thank you for the suggestions - don't think it would work for my campaigns though.


Really, I could just add a section in the campaigns asking clients to forward to friends and I may do that as my work around.


I don't like that as well as the "Forward to a Friend" though because I won't be able to see if it does get forwarded (presuming the CC feature would show forwards) and secondly it would just be a forward without encouraging people to sign-up. Again, back to the whole point of this being to grow the mailing list, ugh!


By the way, perhaps you could have your managers, forward it and BCC so you're not creating so many extra steps for yourself.

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Yes! We actually do use the BCC method for some. 


I just discovered Digioh, which is an integration that allows you to see who opens your attaches PDFs! They can also require openers to join your list to view, if you wanted. The premium version is only $5 a month? I might give it a try.

Ha ha ha ha one of my previous replies above on this thread was just removed as "spam"!


SeriouslY?!? I'm talking about growing my list, not circumventing CC billing.......maybe I exceeded a Message Tags limit?