"Suspended" Bounces

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"Suspended" Bounces

I've just exported bounces from the last email sent and there are 11 contacts showing "Suspended" as a bounce reason.  I review bounces following each email send and I've not come across this before, so what does it mean?


Updated: September 2017


Hi all,

Suspended is a new bounce category! Previously, if you were sending to an email address that was quarantined it would bounce as non-existent. The suspended category now shows you which email addresses we are preventing you from emailing because it's bounced as non-existent once already in the last 15 days.


If you continue to send to non-existent email addresses it can hurt your sending reputation so you will want to be careful about emailing these addresses over and over. 

We've got a detailed post here in the Community and a FAQ available for you on this category, hope this helps!



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