registrant birthdate not working

registrant birthdate not working

I got this e-mail from a registration for e-seminary event: "The form will not allow a change in birthdate from 2014. I tried several times and the year will not change." I don't see how to fix this.

Hi @Diocese_of_Iowa 


I took a look at one of your Events and I see that there is a drop down arrow for the year 2014 for the Your birthdate question. By selecting that drop down you can change the year for the birthdate.


Is this person trying to change the form after they've registered? I don't believe they can get back in to fill out the form again if they've completed the registration. Once I select a date, I am able to edit it if I haven't saved the registration.


This sounds like this may be an issue on their end. If you find others are reporting this as well, please let us know. We will need to know the Internet Browser that they are using as well.


However, I have found this registrant's details within your Event and I will show you how to edit this information for your reporting.


  • Once logged into your Constant Contact account, go to Campaigns > Events & Registrations > then click on the name of your Event to pull up your dashboard.
  • Click on View/manage registrants
  • Click on Details to the right of the registrant who was not able to change the year for their birthdate
  • On the Registrant Details  page > click on Edit Registrant Details
  • From the next page, you can edit her Birthdate and then Save.


This will update your records. I hope that helps and let us know if you run into any trouble!