removing people who request no more mailing


removing people who request no more mailing

Dear Sir or Madam, the process of removing no mailers used to be easy, by uploading an excel spreadsheet. Now it looks like I need to remove one at a time - which is more cumbersome. Can you return the previous functionality please? Many thanks, Neville


Hi Neville!


There is a way to upload an excel spreadsheet of unsubscribes, or people who do not want your mailing, to Constant Contact. You will need to click on an option under My Settings in order to do this.Settings.png


If you click on My Settings, then scroll down until you see the Contact Settings pane. Advanced Email Options.png

  You will need to checkmark this box in order to upload the unsubscribed contacts.

Add Unsubscribes.png


Once you enable that feature, there will be an option on the Contacts page, under Add Contacts, to then Add unsubscribed from file.


Hopefully this helps, and here is a link that will walk you through the whole process in more detail! 



Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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