repeated Oops error


repeated Oops error

Does anyone have any help to offer for repeated Oops errors that prevent saving any edits in a campaign using Safari?

CC technical support's only option is recommending switching to Google Chrome.  Is this really the only option?  (We have tried all their other suggestions except screen sharing.  They are always too busy for that.)

If it is, is there another mail service that works well with Safari?  I'd rather not give up Safari.  Google often causes problems on my Mac and my business server.  Preference is NOT to use Google Chrome.

Any help is appreciated.


Hello @FirstNameL18413 ,


I'm sorry to hear you've been running into so much trouble accessing the site on Safari. Generally when we suggest using a different browser, it is also a troubleshooting step to see if the issue persists on that other browser. That can help us narrow down if its something like caching or something more browser-specific. Generally Chrome is the most stable browser when it comes to using our site (especially the email builder), but there are some other options, such as FireFox. 


If you're absolutely unable to test on another browser, then we'll need to look into providing as much info as possible for the engineers. Can you confirm that making a new campaign from scratch or copying from the first build of the template, still results in the error? Does this error occur right away, or does it happen a few copies in. Based on the previous cases, it sounds like you've gotten mixed results, or reached back out eventually after the issues started popping up again, so I just want to make sure I have a definitive response that can be added to your case for the engineers to review.


Who is your Internet Service Provider, and can you please provide a screenshot of your speed test from, including what's in More Info? While I understand other sites might work fine for you, high latency or other things that don't normally affect a lot of sites, can affect data-intensive sites like ours. Having your results from the speed test can help our engineers figure out if it's a matter of connectivity with Safari specifically or not involved at all.


When the error occurs, would you be able to provide a screenshot of the site's Dev Tools. On a Mac, you should be able to do this by right-clicking on the page, then selecting the Inspect option. If you see any bright-red lettering, please provide a screenshot of the Insepction screen where that bright-red lettering shows up. This can help our code-minded devs take a closer look at anything that might be specifically causing the error.


Has re-naming the email to something else, ever resolved the issue? In some rare instances, we've received report of customers who managed to make a campaign with the exact same name as another, which has caused some glitches. The engineers just want to make sure that this rare issue isn't involved.


Are you aware of any plugins / addons / extensions attached to your Safari, and does deactivating them alleviate the issue at all? Some of these types of apps can block certain elements on our site, which can cause errors. These can be ad blockers, automatic translators, chat things, etc. Essentially anything 3rd party you might have added to your browser for some other functionality.


When you're able to respond to these points, our engineers would appreciate it for their continued troubleshooting. With that said, while they're still trying to resolve this issue, the best workaround is likely going to be using a different browser such as FireFox or Chrome, since we haven't seen this exact issue show up in those browsers. If you feel that this is enough to cancel your account, I recommend making sure you've downloaded your contact lists and especially your unsubscribes (for legal reasons), prior to reaching out to Billing for cancellation.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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I had to download Chrome and put it on my computer to have any chance of completing my work on CC.  To date it is working.  (Two weeks).  However, I'm expecting the error to recur.  Other users in my organization are still having problems using various platforms (Safari, Explorer and Chrome) but the repeated Oops errors are not so pervasive as to prevent them from completing their work.  For me, the error was so pervasive that I could not complete any work on CC.  Other users have commented to me that CC is "old technology" and that they would "not be upset if we moved to another provider".  

I've had Chrome before on my computer and it has caused issues with my operating system.  I'm crossing my fingers that the issues do not recur.  I'd rather not have to move our business to another provider simply because I'm used to CC but if the error recurs to the point that I can't complete a task, or if Chrome causes issues with my operating system again, then I will be forced to find another provider.  

Thank you for the additional comments. I'm glad to hear you are not experiencing the issue currently. We definitely want to try and figure out exactly what is going on and we ask that you review the questions Will asked again and let us know any of the details you can, so we can submit this to our advanced support team and hopefully come to a resolution.

David B.
Community & Social Media Support

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I contacted you 5 years ago about this problem and it still hasn't been fixed.  It has gotten so bad that I can't even copy a previous email anymore.  I've tried multiple browsers and the problem persists.  I would have thought that a glitch this disruptive would have been fixed years go.  I'm really disappointed with constant contact.

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I t does it in Chrome too.  Makes no difference.  It has been happening for 5 years now.  I called them that long ago and they said they were working on fixing the glitch.  5 years on it is worse than ever. I'm honestly thinking of changing to another email system. It is getting harder and harder to work with this glitch. At the moment I can't even copy an email because of that error.  I'm over Constant Contact.