resend to one person


resend to one person

Instructions for re-sending are either confusing or incorrect. When 'click on campaign', there is no action box , and there are no 'more actions' or 'resend options'. Please provide clearer instructions. I only want to send to one person. K

Hello @karend414,


I'm sorry that the instructions were not clear. If the email you are looking to send to one person has already been sent out, we offer an easy way to resend something to one person; called QuickSend. Here is a link to our FAQ on how to Quicksend an Email. If the email is in draft mode, that contact will need to be in a list by itself before sending. I hope this helps.

Jonathan Rich
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This is not helpful at all. The question was specifically about how to send an email from an event campaign, not a "regular" email. It's common in events to send out periodic updates after most people have registered. You need to add something so that we can choose to resend an email only to NEW registrants. So my only choices are to

a) resend to *all* registrants, which isn't a solution because then people who've already got it would get it again, leading to confusion;

b) create  an email that I already sent from the event campaign, but create it outside the event campaign so I have to completely create it from scratch and it will not include the event info and branding or be included with the event, so what's the point; or

c) resend as a preview email, and it will have the disclaimer text added to it that this is only a test email. 

This is really frustrating as an events manager. Please please please update this sooner rather than later.

Hello @CarlyW52 ,


I'm not sure what in the 3-year old OP indicated their question was specifically for an event-related email. With that said, you can also just create a list with the single contact, and then send that invitation to the single-contact list.

William D
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