retrieve a campaign that was not saved

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I thought i was using auto-save after writing my campaign email, so I did not save it.  Somehow, I managed to delete it.  Is there any way to retrieve this email or do I just need to start over?

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Hello @MyronG80 ,


Do you remember the name (not subject line) of the campaign? I'm seeing a Draft campaign started on Oct 16 as your most recent, is that the one? If not, there's not really any other campaigns in your account with material that have been made recently. 


Were you building the email on the website or the mobile app? Do you remember having any connection issues with your internet, a VPN, or anything else that'd affect connectivity last night? Did the little save icon change every few changes as it's supposed to, or did it remain a regular clickable icon the entire time?

William A
Community & Social Media Support