security programs open email and click links

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security programs open email and click links

1.  How are others dealing with security programs that open email and click links before placing them into the receiver’s inbox? These programs are killing my ability to know who actually clicked through for more information on a topic. Are there any tricks to get around this false click through reporting?


2. When will Constant Contact address this issue so I can get back to the value I used to find in tracking who was actually interested in my products and who had a security program?




Hi @GerardG09 


We have received reports from other users where they too have seen  recorded engagement from a contact's security system. At this time there is no way to omit or remove this engagement from reporting. It is however a feature request we are collecting feedback on and have tracked in your account in the meantime. Though we do not have a current time estimate of when a feature like this would be available, we do suggest having your contacts whitelist Constant Contact in their security settings.

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We are struggling with the same thing. We have to ignore the group of "clicks" that come in all at the same time. If our campaign has 3 clicks we only look for those that clicked on 1. Then we know it is probably a real click. I wish there was a way to clear the clicks so we could remove the "auto clicks".

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It seems to be getting worse as more corporations add this "security scan" feature to in-bound e-mails. My situation is this: I send to ~10,000 (we are BtoB). I have ~8 hotlinks in each newsletter. My if my "clicks" are say 700 people and 30% of those have this security scan, my lead spreadsheet has 1,680 lines of "junk" clicks whereas the "real" clickers are more like only total 980 clicks (500 * 2 clicks average). Thus my work in removing all those "fake clickers" (~70% of the downloaded Excel) is a huge manual spreadsheet work task to remove all the "fake clickers". This renders the Constant Contact value of identifying those who have interest in a specific item much less.


What I may try is to embed is a "hidden" or "blind" hotlink. If I see that hotlink has been clicked, it is obviously a robot doing the clicking work. Anyone on my downloaded Excel file that has opened that link can be removed. It will take some programming in Excel and I wish Constant Contact would automate such a solution to re-gain the value in the product.