sent mail to list, not delivering (CC says they're)

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sent mail to list, not delivering (CC says they're)

i sent a mail to 3 lists from my account, but we haven't received any mail on our inboxes. (i guess the mail never got into our contacts inbox either) (i know because i added our email on one list, for checkin purposes, nothing on inbox or spam.)

cc  report says i have 67% open rate, but how?. email doesn't seems to be delivered

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i created a new test list with my own emails and started a new campaing for that list, in this case i received the email on 3 addresses. 

ps: first mail, wasnt delivered on my mail, i guess i will have to update and use the "test list" on each campaing from now on. 

Hello @JayA289 ,


When looking at the reporting for campaign “LXT_Mail_MAY”. That campaign was only sent to one list not three lists. Also when looking at your three contacts that are in the “Testing List” list, two of those three email addresses were not sent campaign “LXT_Mail_MAY”. Only one of those three email addresses appears on the send report, and that one email address does also as well appear on the open report. So meaning that when you are looking through those two other inboxes trying to locate that email you sent yourself it won’t be found being that you never sent to them to begin with. When creating campaign “test2_CC_List” those three email addresses in question for you are in fact on the send report and also appear on the open report.


When sending out campaigns you can put yourself within every one of your list if you would like to make sure that you aren’t missed when sending out a campaign in the future. To add yourself to additional lists within the account I have attached the steps to do so here.


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ok, i see, now if i checked 3 lists to send, why the newsletter was sent to just one list?
and yes, on  the "LXT_Mail_MAY" i used just one email address, but that mail never arrived, i checked again today, 
the only mails on my inbox are "test2_CC_List"

also, when i want to "resend" to the failed/missing lists

"Unable to schedule campaign. Please try again later."
im using "SEND NOW", not schedule 

so, i will need to create a new campaing? same thing happened to me yesterday when try to resend "LXT_Mail_MAY"
i don't have the time to create a new campaing each time, the "resend" should be working. 

PS: the link you provide it's broken
...too much things with this system, it has many errors (on wordpress plugin too, i have threads open on wordpress because im receiving spam thru the text slots on CC plugin form)