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Looking for an Instagram icon to add to my newsletter
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It's available in some templates and not others.


Very inconsistent library of templates for sure.  It's hit or miss.




Hello @JahnK0,



You can add an instagram icon to your social media block by:

  1. Copy the URL for your social media profile.

    Twitter URL in Browswer
  2. (Optional) If your template doesn't already have social media icons at the bottom, click the Build tab and add them to your template .Social media icons can be added to a column or can stretch across the entire template.

    Drag and Drop Social Media Layout
  3. Click any of the icons to open the editor.

    Social Media Icons
  4. (Optional) Click Add network to insert a new social media platform.
  5. Paste the URL into the field next to the corresponding social media icon and click the chain icon to test the link.

    Link Field and Add network Button
  6. (Optional) Change the order of the icons by placing your cursor over the stacked dots and dragging the social media platform to a new location.
  7. Click Insert to continue editing your template.
    Move Social Media Icon and Insert Button

I hope this was helpful to you! 

Lenszie V.
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