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what is with the "Schedule Posts" button not working anymore? It just takes me to a web version of the email and just keeps repeating itself if I click a social icon at the top. If I have to post these by hand every time instead of just being able to schedule them when launching the email, then I just don't see the point. This is supposed to save me time, and every time you change something in this editor it ADDS more time to my work projects.

Hello @KrissyL2 ,


I'm having trouble recreating the issue you're describing in both the social share and the social tab areas of your account. I was able to successfully schedule (and subsequently unschedule) posts through both functions. 


If the issue you're referring to is in social share, is the email you're trying to share relatively new? Or is it over 7 days old? Facebook restrictions won't allow 3rd party systems like ours to make posts for content like this if it's over a week old from our end, and require you to manually link the email. Beyond that, without more info or screencaps of the issue occurring, I'm not sure how you'd be getting redirected to an email campaign's webpage version for either its social share or when making a fresh post in the social tab.


When you say its "repeating itself when you click a social icon at the top," where are you referring to? Are you referring to the social icons on the webpage version of the email or elsewhere?

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