spam- subscribes


spam- subscribes

Many sign ups appear to be spam. Not all - and I tried to delete those with .UK and and some that I did not recognize. Can you tell me what happened. I noticed because it is not usual that I get so many subscribes that I do not enter myself. thanks Pam see list below: 

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I just got my updated subscriber email, and I have more in this period than ever before. 2/3 are UK emails, and I found this page because I googled 2 of the addresses, and both are on this list. I am sure more of them are too? What's the deal with this I wonder?

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Pamo, what industry are you in? Wonder if they are targeting our industrym, or is it a fluke that both of us got the same subscribers?


Hello @pamo and @JasonA24,


I am sorry this is happening to you but thank you for bringing it to our attention in the Community. I'll need a bit more information to figure out what might be going on.


Is this is a sign-up form you have on your website? And is the sign-up form created in Constant Contact or is it a third party form? If it's a third party form it might not have additional security in place to weed out spam bots from signing up. 

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