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I have a new problem, in that in the body of the text for my email campaign, the LAST LINE of each paragraph, has extra space between it, and the line above.  Nothing I am doing will change this.  It does NOT Show up as I'm typing.  It shows up when I send myself a text email.

I highlight the whole paragraph and click on the "1" for single spacing, and have tried with the whole campaign, but still same problem.  Three paragraphs and 3 lines mis-spaced.  It's very unprofessional looking. 


I have tried different browsers as well, and it is the same.  Thanks for any help.

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Hello @MarthaM355 ,


Does this occur in brand new text blocks? Does it occur with text that's had its formatting completely cleared before being pasted in? Does it occur when you manually type the text in, instead of copy-pasting?

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I have not seen this in Constant Contact, but it reminds me of things that used to happen (maybe still does; I don't do much of that any more) in desktop publishing programs. In those cases, it was invisible coding that came over from Microsoft programs and was stored in the paragraph return. Your description doesn't sound like you are copy-pasting, but maybe you are. If so it may be that deleting the paragraph return and putting in a "fresh" return could solve it. Tedious, and annoying, but it might work. Just a thought.