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the bounce page didn't load


the bounce page didn't load

the bounce page didn't load


Hello @AgrotisA


I took a look at a few campaigns in your account and was able to load the bounces page for the different campaigns.  Would you be able to test a few things so we can determine why this is not working on your computer?  Here are the troubleshooting steps, let us know if any of this helps please: 

- Do you have another browser to test? Did using a different browser help?

- Can you try an Incognito window to see if this helps? Click the three dashes in the top right corner, then select New Incognito Window or use Ctrl + Shift + N (Command instead of Ctrl if you are on a Mac). 
- Can you try optimizing your browser, then closing all browser windows and re-opening?
- Are you seeing this in any other place in your account?
- If possible can you get a screenshot of what you are seeing?