there are so many changes to this site

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there are so many changes to this site

This used to be so easy!. Cannot see that I have added a contact to one of my lists. I can search and the name is somewhere because is comes up, but it does not show on the list I want it on.

Hello @AnnF9


I'm sorry that you are experiencing some troubles trying to access the contact you recently added to your list. 


There are a couple diferent ways to find an email address, and what list they are on. You can always click on your "Active List"

and do a search to find the contacts name. When the contacts name pulls up, you click on the contacts name, and it will display the list(s) they are added to.


2016-07-20_1008.png  2016-07-20_1012.png


You can also click on the name of the list that you added the contact to, and use the search bar to make sure the contacts name is on the list!



If the contact isn't on the list you want them to be on, you can click on the contacts name, and click the blue plus sign (+)  to add them to another list! You can also click the little (x) next to any list(s) you want to remove the contact from. 2016-07-20_1022.png


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