time limits -


time limits -

Very aggravating and inconvenient!!!  I have been with CC for quite a while and overall love it and send a monthly Newsletter and Friday 'Factoids' to my Customer/Newsletter group !  I especially can take a while doing my monthly Newsletter and will sometimes go over what CC deems is my time limit!  I understand it is some kind of 'security' issue and this is fine .. BUT- the message appears and then disappears and take me out of what I am doing without the time to click on what is needed to continue without interruption..   I wind up losing quite a bit of what I have done and this requires me to log back in and reenter and sometimes remember exactly what I said (if I liked it) as I sometimes freelance what I am going to say depending on what I am talking about...  Most of my info is written down but some is freelanced and even the written down part , when lost, requires me to spend unnessary time in reentering...  IF CC needs to do this.. the time the message stays and gives one to do whatever CC needs so I can continue or save info then it must give one the time to do so without losing so much info...  In some cases i have lost all of it!  OR there needs to be an option to bypass this feature OR , maybe CC can automatically save work done if it does occur...

I have had this issue for quite a while but this time, decided to make CC aware of it..  

Paul Mackey with Natures Cleansing Clay 


Re: time limits -

Hello @PaulM8595,


I'm very sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused you. You are correct the idle limit is there for account security, but I can understand how coming back to work on a project can be derailed if the system logs you out before your changes are saved. I just want to get a clearer picture of the issue you are experiencing.


When you say you take awhile to work on your monthly newsletter is it that you're actively working in our editor and even though you're active you get the time out messaging? Or do you leave the editor up but are researching and working in other tabs on the browser?


You present some great alternative ideas I will happily pass to our product teams. I always recommend checking out our Feedback area to share other ideas you have and communicate with other users on theirs. 

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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