trying to send out a holiday e-card using a 3 page PDF. upload function only grabs first page of pdf

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Hello @LauraM877 ,


This is the standard since we don't recommend doing image-only emails. Since PDFs can't be embedded into emails, when you upload a PDF or use the PDF-to-email creation, the system only generates an image of the first page, to use as a cover image / enticement to click and view the rest of the document. If you're absolutely wanting all three pages to use, you'll need to use an outside program or site to convert the other pages to images, then upload those to your Library for use in your email. Please be aware that a basic functionality of images across the internet is that they don't host multiple links, only one, so if you have multiple, clickable elements in your PDF, having all those pages as images will render them inert unless your contacts click to view the actual PDF.

William A
Community & Social Media Support