user unsubscribes and wants to subscribe again by himself - Is it Not allowed


user unsubscribes and wants to subscribe again by himself - Is it Not allowed

Hi Constant contact community support,


I need a help in understanding and solving this issue. I am new to this. Thanks in advance.

1. In my subscription form, a user signs up and he gets added to the subscriber list.

2. Now he unsubscribes and himself and his emails get moved to the unsubscribed list. Fine.

3. Now when he again wants to subscribe by himself and enters his email id and name and submits, he gets a message "sorry, you were previously unsubscribed from our lists. Please contact us to subscribe again".Ideally, he should be moved again to the subscriber list

4. I saw in various constant contact support forums including the link below that it is possible.

However, I am unable to achieve this.

Could you please help on how to do this?






Hello @ManiM45,


I am sorry that your contact is unable to resubscribe themselves using a signup form. This is an issue in the system that we are currently looking into. I will make sure to let our product team know that you are encountering it. At this time, I would recommend using the Text to Join feature, which is the current workaround. Please let us know if the text to join workaround does not resolve the problem.

Jordan E
Community & Social Media Support

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