very poor system today


very poor system today

Hi - First off, why is your phone # not listed at the top of every page like before?  Please put that back.  It's a PITA to find your # now.


Second, I just had a MISERABLE time trying to create a simple blast from a template.  The system glitched out constantly, didn't save changes, made formatting errors, etc.  Yes, I rebooted, and restarted, and did all of the standard steps to "fix" it.  But that experience was absolutely terrible.  It took me 3x as long as it should've to write a quick blast.


Please talk to tech support about bettering your system.  If it continues to be this buggy, I'll have to switch to another platform because I just don't have time to redo my work repeatedly.





Hello @CarolinaS278.


I'm so sorry the phone number is not displaying as prominently as before! It is still accessible within your account. See below:Contact Us.png


In addition, please note our Contact page:


As far as the system issues you were experiencing, I will certainly take that feedback and mark your account. It appears your account has been upgraded to our new and improved Third-generation editor. If you have not yet experienced using it, I welcome you to start an email to see it! Just click the Create button, either on the Home page or the Campaigns page, then click Email to find newer templates that you can edit in the Third-generation editor.


Some helpful guides to get you started:

I hope that is helpful! Please let us know if there is any other way we can assist you.


Liz M.
Customer Engagement Specialist

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