what happened to my account?


what happened to my account?

when I log in I see nothing and nothing appears when I click on my account, campaigns or anything and there is no navigation how do I get help?
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Call them.

WUPS - Just noticed they canceled their weekend support.    Its not like they launched a new product interface or anything and their valuble customers might need a little extra help.


"NON-Constant Contact" I guess.



Guess you have to wait till Monday.  


Hi @JeanetteS6,


We are sorry about the change that was made in our support hours earlier this year, and how it has affected your ability to get a hold of us with any issues you may be experiencing. I can be sure to pass along your feedbck about our new hours to the appropriate person.


It appears that the issue you are experiencing could be caused by the browser you are using. When trying to use Constant Contact are you using Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer? Also, are you using a Mac, PC, mobile device or tablet? Whichever browser you are using and receiving a blank screen, I would suggest to try a different browser to see if that loads your account fully.

Hayley L
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