where do i find my password?


where do i find my password?

I need my password to provide access to our webdesigner and IT tech.

Hi @KevinJ4212 


Your password isn't visible anywhere within your account. You can do a password reset at the main login page and reset your password.


But you have MultiUser set up within your account. So I would recommend that you create an additional login for your webdesigner and IT tech instead of giving them access to your account.


You can set up Multi-User by following these steps.


Hope that helps! 


I have had this log in for quite some time. I am logged into my desk top but cannot find my Login Password? When I go to my Lap Top to sign in all I get is a bunch of stars representing the password but no place to find it. Pleased help.

Hello @GeneS937


We do not have your password shown within your account for your security.  If you need to update the password and do not know the existing password you can go through a password reset in order to change it.  This will require that you know the answer to the security question within your account though. Let us know if you need any further help.