why did an email go out without me sending it??

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i received an email this morning from constant contact saying that my email had gone out, but i didn't send one!!! i'm so upset that an email was somehow sent out to my entire mailing list (i assume) and i do not know why!!!! CC is so much more difficult with every change they make. i have to find another service. god only knows when another email will decide to go out on it's own. this is not cool regardless of what i pay, but certainly not when i pay over $100 a month. not okay.
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Hello @juliettec0 ,


According to the logs and your email's report, the email that was sent was an automatic resend-to-non-openers you'd setup at time of scheduling the email. This is a setting that has to be explicitly turned on when scheduling individual emails, with confirmations on subject line and number of days to wait.


If you need reminders of how automatic RSNO's work


If you need to prevent an RSNO you setup from going out


Other Resend options available


You're always welcome to reach out here in the Community for general support, or reach out to phone support for live, 1:1 troubleshooting and guidance.

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