200 OK, But blank response


200 OK, But blank response

I'm trying to add a contact using the API, but when I submit an XHR request, it returns a 200 OK code, but the response is blank, and the contact is not added.


I'm posting to "https://api.constantcontact.com/ws/customers/MYACCOUNTHERE/contacts"

(I've replace my account name with MYACCOUNTHERE for this thread.)


What possibilities might lead to a blank response?


Hi Amy,


Can you please provide us with the XML that you are using when you post.  If you are getting a 200 the contact should be hitting your account correctly.  I would suggest trying to do a GET to your contacts URI to see if the contact comes back as a result as well.


Also if you can give us the code where you are doing your Post so we can see if its submitting correctly.


Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer

I got it working. 


The only change I made to the HXR request was that I changed the method from "PUT" to "POST", which makes sense REST-wise.  But I don't understand why the PUT (with "data:,none" in the <id> element of the XML) would return a 200 with no error feedback--it seems to me that it should return a message that PUT requires a Constant Contact ID.

I have researched your issue and found that when I do a PUT to the Contacts URI that I get a 415 which is a unsupported media type.  I am not sure why you are getting a 200 OK which is what you get when you do a GET instead of a Post. 


If you would like us to find out why you got a 200 please post your code.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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