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2nd site visitor signup?

Occasional Participant

2nd site visitor signup?

I am new here and having a lot of fun..
Does anybody have any experiece with creating a 2nd site visitor signup?
What I am after is a signup with a separate welcome letter that includes a link to an eBook that I want to give away
I want to have a separte email list for these subscribers.
I imagine I would also like city, state, etc..
Mostly, I want to collect email addresses of who downloads my eBook..
Anybody been through this?

The API allows you to create as many sign up forms as your needs require. To have a seperate Welcome email for each of these lists, you would want to have the Welcome Email sent out as part of each Sign Up form page (I.E. not use the Constant Contact welcome email). If you want to use the Constant Contact Welcome Email, you will be limited to only the single email from your Site Visitor Signup section.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
Occasional Participant

Hi Dave

Thanks for getting back to me..
I am not sure I understand your remarks, so let me start over..
I want to have a sign-up form associated with Constant Contact so that I can track people who download my eBook which is presently free. This sign-up form could be in a html newsletter format, on an outgoing email or in a web page. I thought the first autoresponder email could deliver a link to access the eBook.. Is there any problem with this idea?

It sounds like there cannot be more than one sign-up form in a email or page, etc.. Is this true?

Can I do what I want to do? And, is it complicated or relatively simple?

I can do it in aWeber but would like to have these fresh contacts in my Constant Contact database.

Thanks for your time and thoughts..
Jim H

Hi Jim,

I think the confusion may be on my end. Generally speaking, forms do not work in emails sent out and we recommend you instead use a web based form for sign ups. The API is used only for sending and receiving information to Constant Contact. This can be used to add contacts to an account, which sounds like what you are looking to do. If they are added as a new customer that subscribed themselves, they will start to receive the Auto-Responder emails in your account based on the times you set these Auto-Responders to go out. If they were already a member of your account, they will not receive the Auto-Responder emails at all as they will not be new contacts. The content of your Auto-Responder is set up in your Constant Contact account.

Regarding sign up forms, we only offer one sign up form created and maintained by Constant Contact per account. The API actually gives you the ability to create your own forms and you can have as many of these forms as you need. The programming of these forms would have to be done by yourself or your web programmer (or a 3rd party developer, which we can provide some names of if you would like).

I hope this clears up some of the confusion regarding the API. If you have more questions about how our Auto-Responders work, I would suggest calling our support line at 866-289-2101, these forums are only for the use of API related questions.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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