API Calls using ASP Classic


API Calls using ASP Classic

Hello All,


Please can someone point me in the right directing for making API calls using ASP classic.


I found some code that uses the API V1, however has anyone managed to use the API V2.


Many Thanks.




At this time I am not currently aware of any samples that have bene built that cover how to use our V2 API with classic ASP. However, it should be possible to modify an existing example that makes use of our V1 API to implement methods from our V2 API.


If you do decide to take this path, there are a few important differences to be considered:

  1. Our V2 API uses JSON as an object exchange format. It is likely that this may be more difficult than XML to handle using classic ASP.
  2. Our V2 API uses OAuth 2.0 to generate Access Tokens that are then used to access the API. These access tokens are then included as Bearer tokens in an Authorization header. Basic Authentication is not an option.
  3. Our V2 API also has a different structure for endpoints. You can find a great amount of detail in our detailed API documentation here: http://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/developer-guides/api-documentation-index.html


Also, please let us know if you have questions!


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Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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