API Demo/Test Account?

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API Demo/Test Account?

Is there a defined demo or test account for testing API usage with?


At the moment I'm using a test account I've set up but that account may expire or be removed due to inactivity some time in the future, this will break my unit tests if they're run in the future.


So does a test account exist?



If not, it would be nice to a "read only" account where Devs can only pull data through the API, and also a "refreshed hourly" account where dev's can amend/insert data, but the account is refreshed every hour.



  1. It would reduce the number of "I can't connect" questions on the forum. Since there would be a defined test username and password. Saving CC time in support requests.
  2. Any API call limits could be lifted on this account. Allowing multiple requests and also allowing devs to unit test, which means better CC based solutions
  3. It would reduce the number of "test" accounts created by dev's.
  4. It would be a really good to show a full example API call in the documentation - that works straight away.
  5. CC could monitor it's usage and maybe generate some stats? Also usage could be throttled/managed when required.
  6. As the details (username, password, data) would be static, it would be better for Devs and others to blog about and document the API with demo usage. Instead of using a demo account they've set up...and having to publish their demo username/password....that anyone could use to login and sabotage the test account.







Hi Andrew,


Building a 'developer' account  is definitely something we are already looking at doing for situations exactly like this. Unfortunately I do not have an ETA of when this offering is going to be complete. In the event your trial account runs out we will certainly not remove the account right away.


I do apologize for any inconvenience that this issue has caused.

David J

are you still looking?

Hi @testt143,


We suggest developers start with a standard trial account and if their needs go beyond the limits of that account then please reach out to webservices@constantcontact.com and we can research other options on case by case basis.


If you are going to be developing an integration that will be used by a large number of end-users you can look in to becoming a Technology Partner where you are provided a free account as part of the partnership.

Jimmy D.
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