API contact updates


API contact updates

Having an issue with the api not returning customfield1

all that we seem to be getting returned to us when looking for updates is firstname, lastname, email, status and added date

Any help or direction on this would be great....thanks


Could you please provide me with the URI that you are using to access the contact information. I am not sure what method you are using to look for updates so providing me with some sort of code example will be helpful.


Although I don't like to take wild guesses, I do just want to suggest that if you are querying the contacts collection by using the '?email=' option, you will only see limited contact information as compared to accessing the specific contact by id number which will return all contact info.


For example: 


Returns limited contact information as it is effectively a search function and it returns search results.



Returns The full contact information including custom fields.


As I said before I would like to clarify your question but hopefully this sets you in the right direction.


I look forward to helping you with this issue.

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Hi, sorry for asking but I am very new at this.


How do I GET the XML from the url https://api.constantcontact.com/ws/customers/USERN

AME/contacts?email=testemail@fakeaddress.com ? if I do it with my username then I get a 401 error?


What will the code be for this?



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