Accessing API within FileMaker Pro


Accessing API within FileMaker Pro

I'm interested to know if anyone has developed API communications within a FileMaker Pro database application. I'm guessing that the use of something like the Web Services Plug-in would be required...

Did you ever crack the code on FileMaker Pro integration?  I have a working SMTP send mail script for my database, but would much rather feed the emails to CC.  Didn't see any responses yet. 

Kevin Long

Gulf Coast Shots



Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Filmmaker Pro and would not be able to comment on its use. However you can create emails in Constant Contact using our Campaigns Collection. This would require you to perform an http post and include XML containing your campaign details in the request body. For more information on this, please view Creating a Campaign. We also do have the ability to send and schedule emails through our API, but this is something that would require permission for from our AppConnect team. For more information on sending or scheduling a campaign, please visit Sending and Scheduling a campaign.


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

David J

I've been wondering the same question. If as David_J says, you just need to do an HTML Post with XML, then you should be able to use the Troi URL Plugin to perform the Post.


David_J - can you use HTML Post to also update Contacts?



When updating contacts in our system, you would use an HTTP put to the contacts specific uri.



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