Add Contacts While Scheduling via API

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Add Contacts While Scheduling via API



I'm new to Constant Contact API. I'm going through the documentation. I'm looking to schedule the campaign via api. I also would like to send the 'to address' and 'name' via api. In other words the contact list is not predefined. I want to create it while scheduling the campaign.


How can I do it?


Thanks in Advance






It looks like what you're trying to accomplish is to be able to send a one-off email to a specific contact (or a small set of contacts). This type of mail is often referred to as transactional mail, being a message that is sent as a response to or as part of a transaction of some kind. With Constant Contact's system for scheduling email, we do not currently have good support for transactional style emails. Currently the only method that is available to send email is to build a list of contacts and then schedule a campaign to that list of contacts. 


If your work could be done through this model, then our API does provide functionality for creating contacts, creating lists, creating emails, and scheduling emails. You can find information about all of these endpoints in our API Documentation.


If you have any questions, please let me know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

Hi Raghav,


It sounds like you might be looking for a more transactional service, where you're sending to one contact at a time. Our service isn't designed for one-of emails sent to one contact. We're built more for sending marketing communications to lists of people. (You may want to search for 'transactional email service" if sneding to one contact at a time is your primary use case for an email marketing system.) In our system, these are the steps you would take for this:


1. Clear an existing contact list to be sent to, or create a new list in the account. 

2. Add the contact(s) you want to email to that list, including their first name if desired.

3. Schedule the email, specifying the list ID from above for the sent_to_lists.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer

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Hi Shannon, 


Thanks for the reply.


I'm confused whether I'm looking for 'Transactional Email' service. What I want to do is this:


1. Design a marketing template. This will be same for all contacts.

2. Send this campaign to only 'qualified' contact. This I want to trigger from Sugar CRM. 


In other words send contact name through API and schedule a campaign.


It looks like the API doesn't have this option. 



Hi Raghav,


That sounds transactional to me. To do it in our system, you'd either follow the 3 steps above, or a slightly modified version where you resend the same email campaign out to new contacts using the resend feature. Either way, you'd be first adding the email address to the account and putting them on a list to receive the email, and then making another request to schedule the email.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer

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