AddAContact.php - "Email address is already a contact"

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AddAContact.php - "Email address is already a contact"

I was playing with the sample AddAContact.php script and was able to add a new contact to my list. I logged into Constant Contact and proceed to remove the email from the list.

When I tried adding the same contact again, I get the following message:
Email address ( is already a contact.

But when I check my list, the contact isn't there. Is there a way to completely remove the contact from my list so that I can add it back in later (if I needed to)?


Hi Huy, Removing a contact

Hi Huy,

Removing a contact from a specific list is a little more difficult. You will have to get the information for an existing contact, modify it to remove that contact from a list and then update the existing contact with this modified data. There are sample code files in the forums that you can modify to do this functionality in php and C# .NET.
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