Adding a contact in an app without account username / password


Adding a contact in an app without account username / password

It appears to me that using the API requires logging in with the Constant Contact account username and password - Please correct me if I am wrong.

I am building a kiosk program that will be used to add a contact to one or more of our lists, in a similar way that would happen if a user clicked the "grow contacts" button on our website.  Clicking the grow contacts button does NOT require distributing our account username and password, whereas using the API to add a contact (for this kiosk program) appears that it WOULD require this.

Is there any way that I can build this kiosk program around something that does not require logging in?  Logging in is a problem for us for 2 reasons:


- It is a horrible security flaw to build in our account username and password

- If we change our password periodically, we will have to update the kiosk peridically


Since the grow contacts button behaves in the non-login way that we are searching for, is there documentation of this button that I could replicate in our program?  We do not wish to visibly run a web browser, as the point of the kiosk is to provide its own graphical interface.




In order to add contacts to your account, you will need to provide some sort of authentication, unless you use the very basic form that allows only email addresses to be added to your account (and sends people to the Constant Contact form after they put in their email address.  The instructions for how to get the code that does that can be found here.


For any other form that adds contacts, you will have to provde either basic authentication (username and password) or OAuth2 (username and access token).  If you would like to generate an access token to use that instead of your password, this link gives the files you need and a set of instructions.


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