Adding web reference in vs2008


Adding web reference in vs2008

I'm trying to add a an api web reference using vs2008 but keep getting an "Internet Explorer is unable to open this internet site" .  When I use the RESTClient tool, it has no problem authenticating and retrieving the wsdl file.

Now, when using the RESTClient tool, it works only if I end the URI with a /

When adding the web reference in vs2008, if I DO NOT add the / , I don't get the "unable to open this internet site" error, but I'm continually prompted for username and password, even though I'm providing the correctly formed (with API key, etc.) username (same one as used in the RESTClient tool).


Thanks in advance for any ideas...

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I'm having the same problem, but I think its because the api provided is not a web service that is consumable by Visual Studio.  I could be wrong, but let me know if you make any progress with this.  In the meantime I'm just going to use the httpwebrequest method to make my requests.

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