Allowing them to Opt-In more than once

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Allowing them to Opt-In more than once

I have a website where I will be offering a Free E-Book if they opt in to my list.  Here's my problem.... I will have one E-Book on one page and then I will be offering a different report on another page.  My reasoning is that some may not need the first e-book for a specific topic but would want this report on another topic but some might want both. 


When they opt in, their auto-responder email will deliver the E-book so I need for them to be able to opt in twice without it giving them the error that this email is already on an account and I do not want it to add their email twice so that they will be getting my emails twice.  Is there a way to do this?


I am using an API and the php code to create my forms.




Re: Allowing them to Opt-In more than once

Hi Susan,


Sorry for the delay answering this post.  Please see your other post for a detailed answer:

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