Any signup activity goes to error page

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Any signup activity goes to error page

I have been struggling with getting the form to work correctly on one of our sites.  


I downloaded CCSFG_0.0.6 and installed it, and got it working correctly on one site.  On the same server for another site, I installed a separate CCSFG_0.0.6 directory with fresh files, logged in using a separate CC account (we use two of them), and configured the form properly.  


As far as I can see, everything is configured properly.  The config.php file was created and written to with our login credentials and an API key, along with the form elements we chose to include.  The form action point to the correct place.  There are four lists on the account, and I've chosen the correct one to sign up to.  


But, whenever attempting a form signup, any entry goes direct to the failure page (the "FailureURL") rather than the thank-you page.  Since no signup verification comes through in my test email (and I've tried addresses I know I have not used on this particular list), I know the information is not being processed.  No PHP errors are being thrown and, as I mentioned, I have nearly the identical setup on another site on the same server that works fine.


You can view the source of the form here and try it out if you'd like:


Config file can be sent separately if needed.




-= Rudy =-


(On behalf of the account owner... :smileywink: )


Hi Rudy,


The first thing that I thought of is the fact that the contacts may already exist in that second account, which would prevent them from signing up as a new contact again. This is by design, but if this is the case we can offer you a solution to this. If you were to add a contact that you know is not already in your account and you are still running into this error, then this is not the case.


If you would be able to send your entire CCSFG_0.0.6 folder (with the config.php intact) over to our webservices support team I would be happy to give this a shot on my end and see what we can come up with.


If you have any other questions regarding this, please let us know and we'll be happy to help. Thanks.

David J

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