Basic API v3 request in Python / Postman


Basic API v3 request in Python / Postman

Dear Sir or Madame,

I am able to get the access token, but unable to write the proper code to retrieve the endpoint info. First using Postman (without quotes) I've entered:


Key 'Authorization', Value 'Bearer the_authorization_code'

Key 'Content-Type', Value 'application/json'

then under Body

Key 'token', Value 'the_authorization_code'

But this results in a 400 Bad Request, and

"error_key": "token.invalid",
"error_message": "Invalid access token"

If I can get this working I will translate to Python/Django. Help for either Postman or Python is appreciated.  Thank you.



Re: Basic API v3 request in Python / Postman

Hi @PaulK4625,


Here is a screenshot of how I have my POSTman setup.


POSTman v3 auth.png


curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic {base64encoded clientID:clientsecret}'

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer

Re: Basic API v3 request in Python / Postman

Jimmy thank you so much for your quick response. My problem happens actually after successfully getting the access token. In particular, sending a POST request to .../contacts/sign_up_form. The contact is created or updated, but the address information is never included. Even when I copy the exact JSON contact information directly from your API docs [Example POST Create or Update Contact Request, PHP (and changed the list number)] and then use it in your API Reference engine, the contact is created in my list, but the address info is nowhere to be found. Is there a way you can help me debug this issue? I would so appreciate your help on this. Thank you.


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