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Basic Theory Question

OK with our previous provider (EmailVision) we were able to handle the mailing list ourself and just upload a file periodically with the whole list and a flag for unsubscribes - this I cannot do any longer it seems.

So I am happy to try the APIs but I was assuming that it would still be driven from our site? 

Basically I want customers to be able to sign up directly on our site using either our subscribe form, or as part of the checkout process - I presume that part is easy enough with an API call to add a contact - is that correct?

But unsubscribing there is no way to manage that on our site is that right? It must always be done on Constant Contact and then we need to synch our copy of the list some other way? Is that doable via API still - would we have to request the status of each and every address in the list (>22,000)?

Our site is classic ASP - is it easy to integrate the APIs with that? Will SSL affect the API calls?




Using our API, you can do everything you are looking to accomplish.  We do still allow you to upload CSV files of your customers as well as upload a list of unsubscribes through our web UI.  You can process those subscribes and unsubscribes in any way you want, in product you can use these flows to import them:


  1. Import new/updated Contacts - Go to Contacts -> Add/Import -> Select "Import from a file"

  2. Import unsubscribes - Go to Contacts -> Move to Do Not Mail -> Select your file to move to Do Not Mail

If you wanted to automate all of this, you can use our API features to link your existing web forms to Constant Contact.  Here are some links describing how to do that, keep in mind we have sample code in PHP, C#.NET and ColdFusion here.


  1. Add new Contacts from a web form via API.

  2. Update existing Contacts from a web form via API.

  3. UnSubscribing a Contact from a web form via API.

  4. Syncing UnSubscribes from ConstantContact to your database via API.

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Thanks for that - 3 of your online chat operators failed to tell me I could do that via import!

I still will look at the APIs as that will take a lot of the headache out of managing the list, but this will get us up and running sooner!

Thanks again


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I got the add, find, and delete contact working OK with a previous example I found on here for classic ASP.

However for the delete I hard coded the contact ID as a test. I can get the search by email to return the contact details including the ID, but not sure in classic ASP how to extract that and in turn pass it to the delete?

Anyone got any samples or ideas what I should look for in alternate solutions please?

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