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C# Project

Just interested to find out if anyone would be interested in participating with/downloading a C# wrapper for the CC API? I've started putting one together for the company I'm doing business with, and it's been a good experience so far despite the problems within the API.

That said, I'm thinking of putting together this project and got the OK from my client to put it out on SourceForge - anyone interested?

I have a site using the built in Membership API, and would love to keep my constant contact mailing list in-sync. Somthing like this would be very handy, and I would love to contribute.
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Incidentally.... you guys that use VB.NET (or any other .NET language) would also be able to use this. I recognize that most of you probably already know it, but I figured I ought to bring it up for those that don't.
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Will also like to contribute to this
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I'm interested in this, and possibly participating. A C# version is my preference. Can you update me on the status on this project? Thanks!

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